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The politics of accelerated stress testing
KYSER Edmond L. ; HNATEK Eugene R. ; ROETTGERING Mark H.
The technical literature and various technical conferences delve into the myriad details of the Environmental Stress Screen (ESS) process, the ESS profiles to be used for testing, the required equipment characteristics, etc. Almost everything that can be written about the virtues of ESS and the inherent technical details has been written. We contend that it is not the technical aspects of ESS that dominate decision-making. The real issues, for most companies, are of a political nature. ESS implementations become political when the functional organizations that bear the short-term costs of ESS do not get credit for the long-term benefits. Various factions within most large corporations rise to the surface to question processes such as ESS from a self-serving viewpoint. Justifying the need for continuing with ESS eats up a lot of time in meetings, evaluating databases and developing position presentations. In this article we discuss these commonly encountered political issues, provide a process for their resolution and conclude with recommendations for corporate ESS management.
Acoustical Publications
ISSN : 0038-1810 CODEN : SOVIAJ
S.V. Sound and vibration A. 2001, vol. 35, n° 3, pp. 24-29 [bibl. : 2 ref.]
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