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The efficacy of vision therapy for convergence excess
Convergence excess is a commonly encountered nonstrabismic ocular motility disorder. There are, however, very few research data that evaluate the effect of vision therapy for this condition in a clinical population. The records of 83 consecutive patients with convergence excess who were treated with vision therapy were reviewed to assess the impact of treatment on clinical findings and patient symptoms. Statistically and clinically significant changes in direct and indirect measures of negative fusional vergence were seen, with 84% of patients reporting a total elimination of initial symptoms. Larger increases negative fusional vergence were found than those previously reported. This may be a result of the more extensive and better controlled in-office treatment used in this study. Vision therapy was successful in enhancing negative fusional vergence and eliminating symptoms in the vast majority of patients with convergence excess and should be considered an effective treatment for this condition.
American Optometric Association
PMID : 9120214 ISSN : 0003-0244 CODEN : JAOPBD
Journal of the American Optometric Association A. 1997, vol. 68, n° 2, pp. 81-86 [bibl. : 18 ref.]
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