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The history and future of water management of the lake Chad basin in Nigeria
Man and water in the Lake Chad Basin
BLENCH R. ; Jungraithmayr Herrmann (Editeur scientifique) ; Barreteau Daniel (Editeur scientifique) ; ...
The history of water management in Nigeria has been essentially a history of large capital projects, which have often been executed without comprehensive assessments of either the effects on downstream users or on the environment. In the case of the Chad basin, the principal river systems bringing water to the lake are the Komadugu Yobe and Ngadda systems. The Komadugu Yobe, in particular, has been impounded at various sites, notably Challawa Gorge and Tiga, and further dams are planned, notably at Kafin Zaki. These have reduced the flow to insignificant levels near the lake itself. On the Ngadda system, the Alau dam, intended for urban water supply, has meant the collapse of swamp farming systems in the Jere Bowl area northeast of Maiduguri without bringing any corresponding benefits. A recent government-sponsored workshop in Jos, whose resolutions are appended to the paper, has begun to call into question existing water-development strategies and to call for a more integrated approach to environmental impact assessment.
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Conférence : Réseau Méga-Tchad. Séminaire, Frankfurt, DEU, 1993-05-13
ISSN : 0767-2896 ISBN : 2-7099-1373-9
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