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Implementing curriculum guidance on environmental education : the importance of teachers' beliefs
Développer l'orientation curriculaire dans le domaine de l'éducation à l'environnement : l'importance des convictions des enseignants
Many observers have commented on disparities between the theoretical understandings of environmental education portrayed in academic literature and the environmental education that takes place in schools. In much of the literature and in curriculum documents there has been an increasing emphasis on promoting positive attitudes towards the environment, and the results of several surveys suggest that many teachers support this aim. This paper explores the beliefs of three geography teachers teaching controversial environmental issues in UK secondary schools. In contrast to the findings of prior studies, the teachers in this study feel strongly that they should try to avoid influencing students' attitudes, or imposing any kind of pro-environmental agenda. There is a substantial divergence between the teachers' beliefs and the espoused aims of much environmental education literature and the geography syllabus they were following. This suggests that, unless curriculum developers take account of teachers' beliefs in designing new curriculum materials, those materials are unlikely to be implemented in their intended format.
Taylor & Francis
ISSN : 0022-0272
Journal of curriculum studies A. 2006, vol. 38, n° 1, pp. 67-83 [17 pages] [bibl. : 2 p.1/4]
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