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Les codes de conduite : Une existence légitime, une efficacité contestable
Conduct codes: legitimized existence, contested efficiency
Social pressure brought multinational companies to foresee their social responsability outside of any legal frame. The chosen frame for these companies materializes through conduct codes and social labels. The adoption of these instruments is legitimized on one hand by their strategic dimension in the private sphere of the company and, on another hand, by the lack of national and international public action in term of activity control of multinational companies. Nevertheless, the capacity of these tools to effectively promote respect of labour laws does not currently seems to be affirmed. The lack of transparency characterizing development and control modes of these codes and labels fundamentally hinders this search for efficiency and may lead to question the action of companies. Transparency intensification represents the main objective to reach in order to return all their coherence to voluntary initiatives. At the same time, the nature of social audit has to evolve. Traditionally, the missions focused on the compliance with social codes or social labels, in the underdeveloped countries needs tend to give greater importance to monitoring
ISSN : 1163-913X
Revue de gestion des ressources humaines A. 2004, n° 54, pp. 27-44 [18 pages ; 78 [19 p.]] [bibl. : 1 p.1/4]
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