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Témoignages des monnaies dans les cultes funéraires à Chypre à l'époque achéménide (Pl. I)
Cypriot tombs containing coins struck during the Achaemenid Period are investigated. Several problems inherent in this kind of study are revealed. Currently only 33 tombs and 77 coins have been recorded. The number of coins varies (e.g. in the tombs at Salamis) and their denomination also, though the small coins are the most numerous (e.g. the case of Amathus). The origin of the coins in the tombs coincide with that of the coins circulating in the island. One is tempted to associate the coins with the tradition of the obol of Charon. However, as in other regions of the Mediterranean, this explanation is not satisfactory, especially in Cyprus where coins have been found in tombs earlier than the coin denomination obol existed in the island and also from before any texts that refer to Charon's obol. In reality the coins seem to be part of the customary funerary offerings in the tomb. It is worthwhile noting that in tombs in Cyprus older coins have been found than in tombs elsewhere in the Mediterranean.
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Conférence : La Transeuphratène à l'époque perse : Religions, croyances, rites et images. Colloque international, 5, Paris, FRA, 2000-03-30
ISSN : 0996-5904
Transeuphratène (Paris) A. 2001, n° 21, pp. 101-118
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