The five steps of my order The advantages reserved for User Account holders The five steps of my order Step 1: I search and I find documents To search Refdoc has a default free search mode for the whole of its catalogue but you can also limit your search to documents published in the last 5 years. Two search modes are available: - Simple search: You enter your selected search terms in just one search field and search through all the record fields. - Advanced search: You fill in fields to carry out a more precise search. The results list The list of your search results shows at a glance: - The titles of the documents found (and the title of the journal in the case of an article) - Whether or not there is a notice for the document - The possible formats for document delivery (paper or digital) - Whether the document is available through a Cnrs portal for Cnrs researchers - Whether the document is notified as being Open Access or available in an Open Access journal portal. Sort and filter functions are also available to refine the results lists further. The results list If you click on a document reference, you access its record where, along with further information on the document such as the title, journal, author, reference code, abstract and so forth, you will find details on: - Delivery methods: Secure Electronic Delivery (PDF format), Direct Electronic Delivery (PDF format), fax, by courier service, postal delivery. - Delivery Turnaround times: "Urgent 2 hrs" (by fax, Secure Electronic Delivery, Direct Electronic Delivery), "Rush 24 hrs" (by fax or courier service in mainland France), "Standard" (postal delivery). Here you will find the delivery turnaround times for countries outside mainland France - The prices for these delivery methods and turnaround times and the copyright fee. Note: If you already have a Refdoc account (see step 3 if you don’t) but have not already signed in at this stage then the prices shown will not include any discounts you may qualify for. Step 2: I save the documents I want to order in my basket If you wish to order the document, you should then select your delivery method. The total price of your order is automatically recalculated each time you change an option. Next click on the link "Add to my basket". All pending documents that you previously selected will appear in the basket and you can then modify your chosen delivery method, the number of copies you require, add a reader reference or delete a document. Note: If you wish to delay an order, please note that all documents remain in your basket for up to 7 days (and up to 60 days for User Account holders ). At this stage, before confirming your order you need to either: - Create your Refdoc account if this is your first order using Refdoc (please see step 3). - Enter your e-mail address and password for your Refdoc account. If you have a User Account and qualify for a discount, the total cost of your order will be automatically adjusted as soon as you have signed in. Step 3: I open a Refdoc account You need to open a Refdoc account (and it’s free!) to order documents and track the progress of your orders. At any time, you can add or modify the information in your account profile using the "My profile" page. Make sure to correctly fill in your e-mail addresse for digital delivery (Secure Electronic Delivery, Direct Electronic Delivery), fax number and postal address as this will save you time when ordering documents in the future. If you already have a User account, you still need to open a Refdoc account. Your User Support Representative will help you open your Refdoc account and link it to your User account. For reasons of confidentiality, when you have filled in and confirmed the information required to open your Refdoc account, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the address you supplied.Then you should just click on the link in this mail, sign in on the page it leads to and this will confirm the creation of your Refdoc account. Step 4: I confirm and pay for my order When you have checked the orders in your basket and signed in or created your Refdoc account, you should then click on "Confirm my order". You can then choose from three 100% secure online payment methods to pay by: - Credit card - Debiting your User Account: ¤ Please click on the "Balance in €" button to find out the balance of your User Account. ¤ If you are the administrator or user of more than one User account, you should select the account you wish to use to pay for your order. If you pay by credit card, you will receive an e-mail confirming reception of the payment and informing you of your order number. If the order is made with your User account, you will also receive an e-mail corresponding to your status ( administrator, "full" user or "standard" user ) as you will have defined earlier: - Confirmation of reception if you are the administrator or "full" user of the User Account - Confirmation of your order if you are a "full" user - A request for your confirmation of the order if you are the account administrator and the order was made by a "standard" user - Refusal of the order if you are a "standard" user of the User Account and your administrator has not authorized your order. Step 5: I can track the progress of my order On "My Orders" page, the "Order Tracking" service gives details of all your pending and confirmed orders over the last 3 months. The following information is given for each order: - order date - order number - original order number - article title - general title - author(s) - reader reference - status - progress steps - name of the user (for User Account holders) - service (delivery method & turnaround time) - ... Sort and search functions are also available to help track your orders: by date, by status, by user name, by order number etc. The advantages reserved for User Account holders With a User Account you will receive monthly bills so you can pay for your document orders. A User Account qualifies you for the following services and advantages: - A richer catalogue ¤ With a User Account you have access to over 53 million records of documents from the Inist-Cnrs collection and from the collections of our international network of 200 referral libraries. ¤ Without a User Account, you have access only to documents from the Inist-Cnrs collection and the collections of our main partners. - A system to manage your User Account tailored to your requirements The administrator of a User Account has three options to manage the account: ¤ He/she can search for, select and confirm his/her own orders. ¤ He can create an unlimited number of "full" users: - A "standard" user searches for documents, selects them and sends the orders to his/her administrator for approval and confirmation. - A "full" user can search for, select and confirm his/her own orders. ¤ Finally, he/she can modify, confirm or delete an order submitted by a user Account administrators can create new users, modify the status of an existing user or delete users at any time - The "Complementary Identification and Localization" Service (C.I.L.) If the document you are looking for is not available in our collections, your order will require extra identification and localization work to find the document in a referral (or back-up) library. If available, the document will be sent to you within six weeks maximum. This delivery time is for information only and our teams will do their utmost to get your document to you as quickly as possible. 71% of documents ordered are processed within 48 hours (from either Inist-Cnrs collections or those of our back-up libraries). For our price list, please click here - Refdoc Order Form If you can’t find the document you require on Refdoc, using a simple or advanced search, the site will suggest you use an Order Form to enter the document reference. When you have confirmed the information on the form, it is sent to Inist-Cnrs who will carry on the search on your behalf. For our price list, please click here If you have a bibliographic reference in the RIS (Research Information Systems) format, you can enter it on this form. - The contents of your basket are saved for 60 days With a User Account, your orders are kept in your basket for 60 days instead of 7 days without this account. - Discounts The status of your research organisation may qualify you for a discount on your document orders. This applies to the following establishments: Cnrs units, Inserm laboratories, other French state research and higher education organizations, partner organizations of the French Public Health Database (BDSP), French hospitals (CHUs and CHRUs) and French students (upon presentation of a valid student card).
To open a User Account and take advantage of these services, please contact our User Support department from Monday to Friday from 08:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 13:30 p.m. to 17:30 p.m. (French local time = GMT 1): by phoning (0033)(0) or by e-mail at