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A near-infrared method for the assay of cineole in eucalyptus oil as an alternative to the official BP method
WILSON Nicola D. ; WATT Robert A. ; MOFFAT Anthony C.
Eucalyptus oil of British Pharmacopoeia (BP) and European Pharmacopoeia standard must contain not less than 70.0% w/w 1,8-cineole (eucalyptol). The official assay is a freezing-point method which involves the addition of o-cresol to the eucalyptus oil, whereupon the o-cresol and the 1,8-cineole form a solid complex. The assay has several disadvantages and we aim to show that near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy is an attractive alternative to this method, in that it is simple to use, requires no sample preparation and is potentially as accurate as the traditional method. Thirty different eucalyptus oil samples were scanned on the FOSS NIRSystems 6500 Rapid Content Sampler using a reflectance vessel as sample presentation method. The cineole content of each sample was determined by the BP method and these reference data were used to construct two calibration equations for cineole content in the oils using Vision software. The mean accuracy for the NIR method differed by 1.01 % or less, and the mean bias by ±0.33% or less, compared with the BP method. Calculation of the 95 % confidence intervals for the slope and intercept of plots of NIR predicted values against BP method reference values showed that there was no evidence of fixed or relative systematic errors. Tests for short-term and intermediate repeatability were conducted. The standard deviation was 0.83% W/W or less and the coefficient of variation was 1.11% or less. The confidence intervals for both short-term and intermed
Pharmaceutical Press
PMID : 11206198 ISSN : 0022-3573 CODEN : JPPMAB
Journal of pharmacy and pharmacology A. 2001, vol. 53, n° 1, pp. 95-102 [bibl. : 10 ref.]
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