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Assessing DOVID security : a system approach
ANDRADE Ana Alexandra ; REBORDAO José Manuel ; van Renesse Rudolf L. (Editeur scientifique) ; ...
Optical variable devices are usually characterised by their physical (optical and materials) objective properties, which are key elements to distinguish originals from fakes, especially in the court of law context. However, at the selection, planning or pre-production stages, an evaluation of devices could and should be performed, in view of its classification in a security scale. The ranking in this scale would be indicative of the likelihood of counterfeiting and would have to take into account not only the physical aspects, but also subjective ones such as the security of the legal manufacturer or of the technology itself. In this paper, we propose a methodology and elaborate on a model for DOVID security measurement, based on Multicriteria Decision Analysis. Critical evaluation factors, related to technology, design and quality, are proposed, its impacts quantified and grouped in order to allow an evaluation of DOVID samples. Using this methodology all the aspects that contribute to the DOVID security might be assessed and inter-related, leading to a final classification and, in the long term, to a standard of security.
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Conférence : Optical security and counterfeit deterrence techniques. Conference, 3, San Jose CA, USA, 2000-01-27
ISSN : ISBN : 0-8194-3591-0
SPIE proceedings series A. 2000, vol. 3973, pp. 248-256 [bibl. : 3 ref.]
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