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Angiostoma schizoglossae n. sp. (Nematoda: Angiostomatidae) from the New Zealand endemic slug Schizoglossa novoseelandica (Gastropoda: Rhytididae)
Angiostoma schizoglossae n. sp. is described from Schizoglossa novoseelandica Pfeiffer collected from a forest in central North Island, New Zealand. Angiostoma schizoglossae is distinguished from other Angiostoma species with peloderan caudal alae in the Northern Hemisphere, by combined characters of subtriangular mouth, lack of lateral alae, and, in the male, variation in position and number of the pedunculate papillae. Its occurrence among the New Zealand endemic land snail fauna extends the known range of the monogeneric Angiostomatidae to include both the Holarctic and Southwest Pacific regions. This is suggestive of the ancient emergence of the Angiostomatidae and their long association with terrestrial molluscs. A key is provided for identification of all known Angiostoma species
American Society of Parasitologists
PMID : 7876986 ISSN : 0022-3395 CODEN : JOPAA2
The Journal of parasitology A. 1995, vol. 81, n° 1, pp. 94-98 [bibl. : 11 ref.]
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