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A cost comparison of allogeneic and preoperatively or intraoperatively donated autologous blood
We determined the cost of allogeneic packed red blood cells and autologous whole blood donated either preoperatively or in the operating room during hemodilution. Direct and indirect cost estimates were based on patients requiring simple transfusion and included procurement and preparation of the blood including testing performed, materials and time used, waste, and materials for administration. Data were derived from prospective blood bank time studies, material invoice records, and retrospective review of anesthesia times. Viral infection and transfusion reaction costs were accepted from previously published sources. Direct cost of purchasing and indirect costs of preparation resulted in an overall cost of $107.26 for the first unit of allogeneic packed red blood cells transfused. A second unit was slightly less costly ($100.89), as no type and screen was required and the same delivery set and filter can be used. The total cost of acquisition, processing, and transfusion of 1 U of preoperatively donated autologous blood was $97.83. The total cost of a 2-U transfusion of autologous whole blood donated in the operating room during acute normovolemic hemodilution was $83.10. These data suggest that autologous predonation of whole blood is somewhat less expensive than allogeneic packed red blood cells, and that hemodilution may be a cost effective alternative to autologous predonation in selected patients.
PMID : 8659723 ISSN : 0003-2999 CODEN : AACRAT
Anesthesia and analgesia A. 1996, vol. 83, n° 1, pp. 129-133 [bibl. : 6 ref.]
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