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Structure and function of bovine growth hormone. Bovine growth hormone as an experimental model for studies of protein-protein interactions
Growth hormone (GH) is a polypeptide that controls the differentiation, growth and metabolism of many cell types, and is secreted from the hypophysis of all vertebrate species tested so far. Despite the overlapping evolutionary, structural, immunological and biological properties, it is well-known that GHs from distinct mammalian species have significant species-specific characteristics. The main purpose of this review is to highlight bovine GH (bGH) structural features related to its species-specific properties. Novel interest in bGH is also aroused by the advent of biotechnological methods for production of recombinant proteins. In fact recombinant bGH will have a great importance in veterinary medicine research and as a 'high tech' drug that needs to be monitored in zootechnical productions.
Elsevier Science
ISSN : 1387-2273
Journal of chromatography. B, Biomedical sciences and applications A. 1997, vol. 688, n° 2, pp. 161-177 [bibl. : 88 ref.]
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