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Apport des retours d'expérience pour la mise en sécurité dans les mines de fer de Lorraine
Lessons learned from experience to ensure security in Lorraine iron mines
The paper present the scientific approach elaborated over more than 10 years in Lorraine iron basin (1,700 km2) for risk assessment of progressive subsidence or sudden collapses in this particular geological and mining context, and after complete closure of mines. This approach is founded on a permanent interactive process between, in one hand analysis, understanding and modelling of instabilities (pillar yielding or overburden failures) and, in the other hand, the lessons learnt from experience based upon 15 cases stories, well known and documented phenomena during 20th century. Parameters considered as determining in regards to the analysed mechanisms (stenght pillars, geometry of abandoned openings, « massivity » index and stiffness of the overburden strata) have been investigated and measured with classical field and laboratories methods of rock mechanics. Feed back from experience allows to choice the reference values and thresholds of these parameters in order to propose assessment and hierarchisation of risks to the authorities. These element are the bases for making relievant and rigorous decisions: monitoring with different levels of strictness or treatment for instance expropriation orders or cavities filling.
Presses de l'Ecole nationale des ponts et chaussées
ISSN : 0181-0529
Revue française de géotechnique A. 2010, n° 131-132, pp. 137-146 [10 pages] [bibl. : 1/4 p.]
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