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Teachers as targets of bullying by their pupils : a study to investigate incidence
Background. The relationship between teachers and pupils as a possible medium for bullying behaviour has not figured significantly in research into this area, despite possible consequences with regard to levels of aggressive behaviour generally within schools. Aims. It was argued that bullying might not be restricted to peer-abuse, but that it may manifest across the peer divide, which for the purposes of this study has been referred to as 'cross-peer abuse'. The study specifically examined the 'cross-peer abuse' of teachers by their pupils, and primarily aimed to establish incidence. Secondary considerations were also mooted, however, concerning gender differences, and length of service. Samples. This study acquired data regarding the incidence of bullying against teachers by pupils (N = 101) from the teaching staff of seven urban high schools. Methods. Questionnaires were distributed to teaching staff. The questionnaire was explicit in its definition of bullying, in order to pre-empt subjective perceptions of the behaviour. Results. The results indicate a probability that an incidence of cross-peer abuse - definable as bullying against teachers by their pupils - exists, both from teachers' self reported data, and that reported regarding their colleagues. Higher incidence for females was found not to be the case. Predictions that less experienced teachers may be more at risk were supported. Conclusions. The results are sufficiently convincing to suggest that the problem is m
British Psychological Society
ISSN : 0007-0998 CODEN : BJESAE
British Journal of Educational Psychology A. 1998, vol. 68, n° 2, pp. 255-268 [bibl. : 22 ref.]
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