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Stability and Failure Analysis of Steering Tie-rod
International Conference on Experimental Mechanics 2008
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Chinese Society for Experimental Mechanics CHN (Organisateur de congrès); Dong nan da xue CHN (Organisateur de congrès); Asian Committee of Experimental Mechanics INC (Organisateur de congrès); Zhongguo li xue xue hui CHN (Organisateur de congrès); China Jiao yu bu CHN (Organisateur de congrès); SPIE USA (Organisateur de congrès)
A new car in operation of only 8,000 km, because of malfunction, resulting in lost control and rammed into the edge of the road, and then the basic vehicle scrapped. According to the investigation of the site, it was found that the tie-rod of the car had been broken. For the subjective analysis of the accident and identifying the true causes of rupture of the tie-rod, a series of studies, from the angle of theory to experiment on the bended broken tie-rod, were conducted. The mechanical model was established; the stability of the defective tie-rod was simulated based on ANSYS software. Meanwhile, the process of the accident was simulated considering the effect of destabilization of different vehicle speed and direction of the impact. Simultaneously, macro graphic test, chemical composition analysis, microstructure analysis and SEM analysis of the fracture were implemented. The results showed that: 1) the toughness of the tie-rod is at a normal level, but there is some previous flaws. One quarter of the fracture surface has been cracked before the accident. However, there is no relationship between the flaw and this incident. The direct cause is the dynamic instability leading to the large deformation of impact loading. 2) The declining safety factor of the tie-rod greatly due to the previous flaws; the result of numerical simulation shows that previous flaw is the vital factor of structure instability, on the basis of the comparison of critical loads of the accident tie-rod a
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Conférence : International Conference on Experimental Mechanics, Nanjing Shi, CHN, 2008
ISSN : 0277-786X ISBN : 978-0-8194-7651-7/0-8194-7651-X CODEN : PSISDG
Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering A. 2009, vol. 7375, 2, [73753A.1-73753A.7] [bibl. : 10 ref.]
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