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The issue of the Scythian-Siberian animal style origin
The paper reviews some issues related to the study of the Scythian-Siberian animal style which is an animalistic art of nomads that lived in the first millennium BC- the beginning of the first millennium AD. An issue related to a specific criterion, that of an artistic originality of the animal style is resolved by comparing this art with the big styles of later periods. A system of natural image deformations aimed et strengthening the expressiveness of the image is used as a major artistic method of the old nomadic art. As a conclusion, the author offers to define the Scythian-Siberian animal style as an art of expressive deformations. While solving the issue of the Scythian-Siberian art genesis, it is necessary to take into account an impact of at least two specific style-forming factors that are hypothetically reconstructed on the basis of written records and ethnographic sources. The first is bateau hunting of young mounted warriors that were accompanied by a hand-to-hand battle with large ungulate animals and beasts of prey. These animals, when tied, i.e. in a deformed state, were natural prototypes of the most popular images of the early nomadic art (a deer with bent legs and a wild cat curled up in a ring). The second style-forming factor are individual and social psychological peculiarities of old hunters-warriors that had been riders during the age long before the rigid saddles and stirrups were invented and put to massive use. Objects of animalistic art of expressiv
ISSN : 0869-6063
Rossijskaâ arheologiâ A. 1998, n° 4, pp. 64-77 [bibl. : 2 p.]
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