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Syllable sharing and inter-individual syllable variation in Anna's hummingbird Calypte anna songs, in San Francisco, California
YANG Xiao-Jing ; LEI Fu-Min ; WANG Gang ; ...
We examined the song sharing and variation pattern of 44 Anna's hummingbird males at syllable level in San Francisco, California. Full songs of Anna's hummingbird were composed of repeated blocks of phrases. Each male sang from three to six syllable types and syllable repertoire size averaged 5.1. A total of 38 syllable types were identified in songs of the population examined, which can be classified into five basic syllable categories. Each syllable category exhibited different variability among individuals. We quantified the variation of each category and found the variability was highest in the first phrase of song. Using Jaccard's similarity coefficient, we found the syllable sharing among birds was significantly greater within one sample site than between sites. Using Mantel tests, we demonstrated that syllable sharing among birds tended to decline with the increase of inter-individual geographic distance. A microgeographic song variation pattern that nearest neighbours tend to sing more similar songs than non-neighbours was supported in these analyses. However, hierarchical cluster analysis suggested not all individuals singing the most similar songs were nearest neighbors. It might be due to possible postbreeding immigration and song learning pattern that syllable is a unit of learning in this species.
ISSN : 0139-7893 CODEN : FOZODJ
Folia zoologica (Brno) A. 2007, vol. 56, n° 3, pp. 307-318 [12 pages]
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