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E-glass/Phenolic Prepreg Processing by Solvent Impregnation
AKBAR Sohaib ; CHEN YAN DING ; YOUSAF Irfan ; ...
The increased interest in polymer matrix composites is partly due to their vast application in aeronautical and aerospace engineering. The preparation of prepreg is frequently the first move in the manufacture of parts. Although industry has developed reliable and successful processes yet there is a need for further scientific investigation because most existing methods have been devised from practices based on trial and error. This paper reports a new approach to the design and operational features of prepregging machines. Our understanding of the subject is then utilized for the production of E-glass/phenolic prepregs. Characterization of manufactured prepregs by resin content, solvent contents, extent of impregnation and tack and drape properties permits comparison of different operational cycles and design parameters. The results have confirmed the success of our approach of successive decreases in the pressure of the squeezing roller in the soaking zone and successive increases in the chamber temperatures in the drying zone. This idea can be utilized in standard engineering operations to describe the operation protocol for the equipment and to give criteria for setting up the impregnation process, along with the design conditions for prepreg manufacturing.
Rapra Technology
ISSN : 0967-3911
Polymers & polymer composites A. 2008, vol. 16, n° 1, pp. 19-26 [8 pages] [bibl. : 26 ref.]
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