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Pilotstudie zur Wirksamkeit von Kieselsäure-Gel auf die Haardicke bei gesunden Frauen mit dünnen Haaren
A pilot study on the efficacy of silicium gel on the thickness of hair in healthy women with thin hair
People suffering from thin hair and hair loss often experience considerable psychological strain and seek for dermatological help, in spite of the limited range of therapies currently available. Silicic acid preparations are among those products attributed with an effect on the structure of hair. The objective of the following Clinical Phase II pilot study was to determine the increase in volume of hair over a 6-month period of silicium gel use in n = 55 healthy adult women with thin hair (< 100 mm in diameter), who took one measuring spoon (15 ml) of silicium gel orally once a day. Assessed were hair thickness, measured microscopically; hair status; quality of life (with the FLQA-ha); subjective assessments of efficacy and tolerability; satisfaction and willingness-to-pay. Hair volume increased over the 6-month trial period from 58,96 ± 8,23 to 66,42 ±9,67 mm (p < 0.001). The study physicians and the subjects reported positively on the effect of the treatment on thickness, shine and health of the hair. The participants' satisfaction with the preparation was good (2.2 on a scale ranging from 1 = very good to 5 = bad) while its tolerability was assessed as very good. The results indicate that hair volume increases after a 6-month treatment with silicium gel and reduces the subjective strain associated with thin hair. Tolerability and efficacy of Silicium Gel were rated very good. The results of this pilot study should be evaluated in confirmatory controlled studies.
ISSN : 1430-4031
Kosmetische Medizin A. 2007, vol. 28, n° 6, pp. 283-287 [5 pages]
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