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A pilot study on the early use of the vacuum erection device after radical retropubic prostatectomy
KÖHLER Tobias S. ; PEDRO Renato ; HENDLIN Kari ; ...
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of the early use of the vacuum erection device (VED) on erectile dysfunction (ED) and penile shortening after radical retropubic prostatectomy (RP), as these are important concerns for men choosing among treatment alternatives for localized prostate cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS Twenty-eight men undergoing RP were randomized to early intervention (1 month afterRP,group 1)ora control group (6 months after RP, group 2) using a traditional VED protocol. An International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) score of>11 (no, mild or mild to moderate ED) was required as a baseline criterion for inclusion in the study. Only patients in whom unilateral or bilateral nerves were spared were subsequently randomized. Patients in group 1 followed a daily rehabilitation protocol consisting of 10 min/ day using the VED with no constriction ring, for 5 months. Patients were evaluated with the IIEF-5 questionnaire and measurements of penile flaccid length, stretched length, prepubic fat pad, and midshaft circumference before and at 1,3,6,9 and 12 months after RP; the mean (range) last follow-up visit was 9.5 (6-12) months after RP. RESULTS The mean (SD) baseline IIEF scores were similar in groups 1 and 2, at 21.1 (4.6) and 22.3 (3.3), respectively (P= 0.54). The IIEF scores were significantly higher in group 1 than group 2 at 3 months, at 11.5 (9.4) vs 1.8 (1.4) (P= 0.008) and at 6 months, at 12.4 (8.7) vs 3.0 (1.9) (P= 0.012) after RP. There were no significant c
ISSN : 1464-4096
BJU international (Papier) A. 2007, vol. 100, n° 4, pp. 858-862 [5 pages] [bibl. : 25 ref.]
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