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Recombinant group b streptococcus beta C protein and a variant with the deletion of its immunoglobulin A-binding site are protective mouse maternal vaccines and effective carriers in conjugate vaccines
YANG Hsiao-Hui ; MADOFF Lawrence C. ; GUTTORMSEN Hilde-Kari ; ...
Immunogenic vaccines against group B Streptococcus (GBS) have been created by coupling the GBS capsular polysaccharides (CPS) to carrier proteins. The GBS beta C protein (BCP) serves as an effective carrier while inducing protective immunity against BCP-expressing strains. BCP also binds human immunoglobulin A (IgA), a characteristic that may be undesirable for use in humans. Here, we examined the immunogenicity and protective efficacy of a recombinant GBS BCP (rBCP), an rBCP modified to eliminate its IgA-binding site (rBCP∇IgA), and their corresponding GBS serotype III CPS conjugates (III-rBCP and III-rBCP∇IgA). Deletion of the IgA-binding site or conjugation to CPS did not alter antigenic BCP epitopes. Recombinant proteins and conjugates elicited specific, high-titered IgG in mice. Antisera to rBCP, rBCP∇IgA, III-rBCP, and III-rBCP∇IgA opsonized GBS strains A909 (Ia/BCP+) and H36B (Ib/BCP+) for killing by HL-60 cells; antiserum to III-rBCP and III-rBCP∇IgA also opsonized strain M781 (III/BCP-). Vaccination of female mice with either rBCP or rBCP∇IgA protected ∼40% of their pups challenged with GBS strain A909. Pups born to III-rBCP- or III-rBCP∇IgA-vaccinated dams survived at rates of 56% and 66%, respectively. Over 90% of pups born to dams that received the type III CPS conjugates survived challenge with GBS strain M781. In summary, rBCP and rBCP∇IgA proteins and the conjugates containing t
American Society for Microbiology
ISSN : 0019-9567 CODEN : INFIBR
Infection and immunity A. 2007, vol. 75, n° 7, pp. 3455-3461 [7 pages] [bibl. : 37 ref.]
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