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Grabowski gallery: galeria sztuki polskiego aptekarza w Londynie (1959-1975)
Grabowski gallery-the art gallery of the polish pharmacist in London (1959-1975)
La galerie Gabowski- la galerie d'art du pharmacien Polonais à Londres
Mateusz Bronislaw Grabowski (1904-1976) was a Master of Pharmacy who graduated from The University of Stefan Batory in Vilnius. He came to The Great Britain with The Polish Army in 1940. After the war had ended, he established a pharmacy and a mail-order firm in London that sent medicines to Poland, and in 1959, he opened a modem art gallery. Grabowski Gallery was situated in the artistic district of London, in Chelsea at 84, Sloane Avenue, next to the Grabowski's Pharmacy. The thing that made the Gallery distinguishing was the fact that it did not make profit. Grabowski promoted young and unknown artists of different nationalities according to the idea of "the art without borders". In Grabowski Gallery, there took place the first exhibition of "pop-art" in Europe. Many of the artists who showed their works of art there became well known and important for the British Art. In the 1960 s London was the biggest centre of western art. Grabowski Gallery found its place in the top of London galleries of modem art. Famous London critics came to see the exhibits, and reviews of the exhibitions could be read in many prestigious magazines. The Gallery was the expression of the personal passion for art of its owner.
Zakład Narodowy im. Ossolińskich
ISSN : 0860-1844
Archiwum historii i filozofii medycyny A. 2006, vol. 69, n° 3-4, pp. 177-182 [6 pages]
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