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Shérazade at the museum : A visual approach to teaching Lila Sebbar's novel
Students studying Leila Sebbar's Shérazade, 17 ans, brune, frisée, les yeux verts have difficulty understanding Shérazade's reaction to the images of "Oriental" women she encounters on her museum visits to the Louvre and Pompidou Center. This article describes an approach to teaching the novel that prepares students to view visual representations . of Arab women from Shérazade's perspective. After an initial viewing of representative images and an introduction to key concepts such as "Orientalism," students follow Shérazade into the museum where " they observe how her gaze gradually replaces that of the western male artist. She rejects the role of "Odalisque" in order to define herself.
American Association of Teachers of French
ISSN : 0016-111X
The French review Y. 2007, vol. 80, No. 3, [549, 620-634 [16 p.]]
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