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Triangulation of qualitative approaches : hermeneutical phenomenology and grounded theory
Aim. In this paper, suggestions are offered about the appropriate use of hermeneutic phenomenology and grounded theory in one study. Background. As an alternative to selecting only one qualitative research approach to illuminate a topic of interest about which little is known, two qualitative approaches could be used in a study. Fear of 'method slurring' may prevent this alternative being used. Occasionally, however, credible qualitative researchers have advocated using various research approaches in one study, for example using hermeneutical phenomenology and grounded theory in triangulation. However, if pursuing this direction, several advances in thinking about using qualitative research approaches should be considered. Discussion. An experience is presented of deciding to use grounded theory and hermeneutic phenomenology in one study. Cautions, practical considerations and alternative options are offered for using these approaches in one study, and the implications of some other possible ways to 'triangulate' qualitative approaches are discussed. Conclusion. Different research approaches can be creatively and successfully used in one study if there has been adequate consideration of vital factors that determine if there is a good 'fit' of the approaches not only with the research problem and question, but also with each other, while also maintaining the integrity of each approach.
PMID : 16972918 ISSN : 0309-2402
Journal of advanced nursing (Print) A. 2006, vol. 56, n° 1, pp. 55-61 [7 pages]
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