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Intelligent dental identification system (IDIS) in forensic medicine
This study reports the design and development of the intelligent dental identification system (IDIS), including its efficiency and reliability. Five hundred patients were randomly selected from the Dental Department at Police General Hospital in Thailand to create a population of 3000 known subjects. From the original 500 patients, 100 were randomly selected to create a sample of 1000 unidentifiable subjects (400 subjects with completeness and possible alterations of dental information corresponding to natural occurrences and general dental treatments after the last clinical examination, such as missing teeth, dental caries, dental restorations, and dental prosthetics, 100 subjects with completeness and no alteration of dental information, 500 subjects with incompleteness and no alteration of dental information). Attempts were made to identify the unknown subjects utilizing IDIS. The use of IDIS advanced method resulted in consistent outstanding identification in the range of 82.61-100% with minimal error 0-1.19%. The results of this study indicate that IDIS can be used to support dental identification. It supports not only all types of dentitions: primary, mixed, and permanent but also for incomplete and altered dental information. IDIS is particularly useful in providing the huge quantity and redundancy of related documentation associated with forensic odontology. As a computerized system, IDIS can reduce the time required for identification and store dental digital images
PMID : 15936908 ISSN : 0379-0738 CODEN : FSINDR
Forensic science international A. 2006, vol. 158, n° 1, pp. 27-38 [12 pages] [bibl. : 37 ref.]
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