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Physicians-in-training attitudes toward caring for and working with patients with alcohol and drug abuse diagnoses
LINDBERG Michael ; VERGARA Cunegundo ; WILD-WESLEY Rebecca ; ...
Introduction: Physicians in all specialties commonly encounter patients who abuse alcohol or illegal drugs. Working with these patient populations can be challenging and potentially engender negative attitudes. This study is designed to identify the progression of attitudinal shifts over time of physicians-in-training toward caring for substance abusing patients. Methods and Materials: A 31-item survey was designed to capture demographic information of participants, attitudes toward treating patients with substance abuse diagnoses, previous participant education, experience in and comfort with diagnosing and treating substance abuse, and satisfaction achieved in working with this patient population. Medical students in their third and fourth years of education as well as residents in training, years one through four, were surveyed. Responses to the survey's attitudinal items were analyzed across years of training, looking for changes associated with time and experience. Results: Fifty-seven percent of eligible participants anonymously completed the survey. There was general agreement across all years of training that health care professionals should be allowed continued employment in their professions when in recovery from alcohol abuse (P = 0.424) and drug abuse (P = 0.409). Across years of training there was agreement that patients can recuperate and provide meaningful contributions to society when recovering from alcohol (P = 0.847) and drug (P = 0.859) abuse. From medical
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
PMID : 16466119 ISSN : 0038-4348
Southern medical journal (Birmingham) A. 2006, vol. 99, n° 1, pp. 28-35 [8 pages] [bibl. : 18 ref.]
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