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La diabetes. Características, tipos, problemas de salud y dieta
FALCON Julio Perea ; PAZ FRASSINO Teresa
Diabetes is a serious metabolic disorder that obstructs the appropriate glucose use by the organism, with the consequent increment of sugar in blood and the affectation of several vital organs. The knowledge of the diabetes is a powerful resort that the diabetic can use for better learning of how to live with the illness. The objective of this brief review has been to identify the main diabetes characteristics, its problems of health associated and finally the importance of the diet in the diabetic's nutrition. In this paper the most common features for young, late and gestational diabetes are presented. It is summarized the symptomathology for the more widespread health affectations, making emphasis in an appropriate diet as the angular stone for any treatment. They are also presented the dietary and nutritional considerations generally recommended in the programs of foods consumption for diabetics, including the ideal corporal weight calculus, the energy and nutrients requirements for typical persons, a list of interchange equivalents foods used in Cuba, as well as the guide lines consumption for foods during the day.
ISSN : 0300-5755 CODEN : ALMNEC
Alimentaria A. 2005, n° 366, pp. 86-90 [5 pages]
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