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A modified method of ecological footprint calculation and its application
As economic and ecological support systems become more interdependent, new disciplines are needed to bridge the gap between human and nature. Emergy created by H.T. Odum is a new method for evaluating natural capital and ecosystem services. The ecological footprint created by Wackernagel and Rees has been promoted as a policy and planning tool for sustainability. The aim of this paper is to show a modified form of ecological footprint calculation by combining emergy analysis with conventional ecological footprint form of calculations. Our new method starts from the energy flows of a system in calculating ecological footprint and carrying capacity. Through a study of the energy flows, and using the method of emergy analysis, the energy flows of a system are translated into corresponding biological productive units. To demonstrate the mechanics of this new method, we compared our calculations with that of an original calculation of ecological footprint of a regional case. We select Gansu province in western China, as an example for application of our study. In this case the same conclusions were drawn using both methods: that Gansu province runs an ecological deficit.
ISSN : 0304-3800 CODEN : ECMODT
Ecological modelling A. 2005, vol. 185, n° 1, pp. 65-75 [11 pages] [bibl. : 1 p.1/4]
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