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"A leitura do mundo precede a leitura da palavra": Paulo Freire e educação indigena
"Reading the world precede reading the word": Paulo Freire and indigenous education
HOFMANN Angela Ariadne
This paper's title comes from this memorable quote from Paulo Freire : "Reading the World precede Reading the Word", and from the logical consequence : one can not read words out of the world. This way, we reflect upon indigenous knowledge and the process of what was called "indigenous education ". We start from the spoken and liven word, from the sacred word, passed from one generation to the other, in the oral tradition peoples in Brazil, then go through the present discussion about their education, due to the growing insertion of alphabetisation in various indigenous groups. Freire suggests that we enlarge our perspective as a way to comprehend the dynamic process that takes place, within the possibility of recreation, by these indigenous peoples, of a proper way to do schooling, of a new reading of it in this context. We start from de principle, according to which every ethnical group tells and constructs its own historicity, remaking its conventional frames, reconstructing itself historically. In his works, P. Freire points out strategies that the historically oppressed made out to transgress and survive to the logic imposed by the dominant ideology.
Universidade do Estado da Bahia, Faculdade de Educacao do Estado da Bahia.
ISSN : 0104-7043
Revista FAEEBA A. 2004, vol. 13, n° 21, pp. 183-190 [8 pages]
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