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The 'tiger-tailed' ghost island layout gets favourable reception
This article discusses the success of the new Ghost Island diverge layout, which is an alternative design incorporating a wide 'tiger-tailed' ghost island painted area. It enables drivers to leave the motorway either at the first exit point entering slip lane 1 or at the second exit point entering slip lane 2. It has performed successfully as an anti-swooping measure at three UK sites monitored by the Transport Research Laboratory (M20/M26 in Kent, M6 J4a near Binningham and M27/M3 near Southampton). Swooping is defined as vehicles cutting directly from lanes 2 or 3 or the maintine into the slip road in order to leave the mainline, typically within 500m of the diverge point. In order to comb and confirm the objective data collected from the TRL video trial at the M27/M3, a subsequent questionnaire survey was carried out between November 2000 and March 2001 on 54 drivers familiar with the Before and After layouts. Results showed a favourable response to the new layout in terms of drivers experiencing smoother flow, a reduction in last minute lane changes and easier access to the M3. Recommendations were made with regards to incorporating these designs as standard diverge layouts as well as consulting drivers more extensively before any major new motorway junction schemes are implemented.
ISSN : 0041-0683 CODEN : TENCA4
Traffic engineering & control A. 2004, vol. 45, n° 9, pp. 319-321 [3 pages] [bibl. : 6 ref.]
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