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Neutron activation and the JFK assassination. Part II. Extended benefits
The NAA of the bullets and fragments from the JFK assassination not only demonstrated that U.S. President John F. KENNEDY and Texas Governor John B. CONNALLY were hit by two and only two bullets, both from Lee Harvey OSWALD's rifle, but offered a considerable number of extended benefits for understanding the assassination as well. The NAA eliminated all conspiracy theories that involved additional shooters or planted bullets. The NAA proved that none of the fragments were planted, that the rifle was fired that day (not planted), and that the locations of KENNEDY'S head wounds and back wound were not needed in order to get the right answer for the assassination. It supported the single-bullet theory and thus helped to provide the best-documented shooting scenario to date. It knits together the core physical evidence into an airtight case against Lee OSWALD. It is, thus, the key to resolving the major controversies in the JFK assassination and putting the matter to rest.
ISSN : 0236-5731 CODEN : JRNCDM
Journal of radioanalytical and nuclear chemistry A. 2004, vol. 262, n° 1, pp. 215-222 [8 pages]
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