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Rearing performance of silkworm, Bombyx mori on artificial diet
Silkworm rearing on artificial diet was successfully carried on in laboratory to identify breeds suitable for rearing on artificial diet, using bivoltine parents (KPG-11, K.S.O. and JD6) and hybrids (NB11 x P5 and KPG-B x P5). The rearing, starting from brushing (hatching) to prespinning phase, was conducted under the optimum temperature and humidity, but the spinning followed moth emergence and subsequent egg laying were carried out under the prevailing unfavourable environmental conditions (temperature 27-33°C and relative humidity 85-95%). Results of rearing and reproductive performance revealed that race KPG-11 was found to be the superior over other test parent bivoltines, although race K.S.O. showed highest shell weight. Among the hybrids, NB18 x P5 exhibited higher value in respect to larval growth, shell weight, silk ratio, fecundity and hatching potentiality whereas KPG-B x P5 showed better result in regard to pupal and imaginal growth, effective rate of rearing by number and weight, yield/100 layings, cocoon weight and absolute silk content.
Entomological Society of India
ISSN : 0367-8288 CODEN : IJENA8
Indian journal of entomology A. 2003, vol. 65, n° 4, pp. 483-487 [5 pages]
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