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The glass vessels from the miqveh near Alon Shevut
La vaisselle en verre provenant du miqveh près de Alon Shevut
Based on the group's general uniformity, and on the similarities in the quality and color of the fabric, we may attribute all the vessels to the same period. They constitue a homogeneous group of simple tableware, meant for daily use. Their period of use was probably quite short, unlike valuable luxury vessels, which would have been kept carefully, to be passed on as heirlooms. Many of the types have parallels in the Judean Desert, which have been attributed to the time of the Bar-Kokhba Revolt, and have been dated accordingly to the first third of the second century CE. The parallels cited above clearly date this homogeneous complex to the same period, and more accurately to the period between the Great Revolt and the Bar-Kokhba Revolt. This is confirmed, moreover, by circumstantial evidence. As mentionned before, the vessels were found as a group, on one of the steps at the entrance to the miqveh, covered with silt and filled with dust and stones - evidence of the vessels belonging to the days in which the miqveh was in use. According to historical sources, following the suppression of the Bar-Kokhba revolt, Jewish settlement in the northern Hebron Hills - the heart of the revolt - was utterly destroyed. As our site was located within this area, the miqveh must have been abandonned, at the very lastest by 135 CE, the terminus ante quem for this glass assemblage.
Israel Antiquities Authority
ISSN : 0792-8424
‘Atiqot (Jerusalem. 1991) A. 1999, vol. 38, pp. 85-90 [bibl. : 17 ref.]
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