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Shylock comes to the land of Israel: Leopold Jessner's staging of The Merchant of Venice
In 1936, Leopold lessner directed a production of Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice at the Habimah Theater in Tel Aviv. Jessner was one of the leading directors of the German theater during the Weimar Republic and the most important German- Jewish one to move to Tel Aviv and work in the Hebrew theater. He staged The Merchant of Venice as a political play dealing with the Nazi persecution of Germany's lews. The reaction among audiences in Eretz Israel was ambivalent. The play was considered a key work in world drama, and as such deserving of a production in Hebrew. However, the way it was received in Eretz Israel silenced the lewish-German traditional interpretation of the play, turning The Merchant of Venice into a metaphor empty of all content. Thus, the interpretation which reflected the tragedy of German Jewry under the Nazi regime was rejected. Public discussion in the wake of this production tried to recruit the play as part ofthe Zionist discourse, which saw Shylock as representing the 'old Jew', and as such - an enemy of Zionism. After Jessner, The Merchant of Venice became a standard work on the Hebrew stage, but Jessner himself, and the intellectual framework within which he worked, were rejected. Disappointed, he left Eretz Israel after the premiere.
Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi
ISSN : 0334-4657
Qatedrah le-tôldôt Eres Yísra'el el we-yîššûbah A. 2003, n° 110, [30 pages ; 73-100, 188-187 [30 p.]]
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