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Conversion to electronic toll collection : a Puerto Rican case study
BAIN Robert S.
The following article is the first of two that will appear in TEC. It describes some of the key issues and challenges faced by a toll looking to upgrade from a conventional, manual system to highway-speed electronic toll collection (ETC). This first article is a scene-setter, providing background information to introduce some of the history behind the drive in Puerto Rico towards ETC. The author is the consultancy team's project manager based in San Juan and he has been working on this multi-million dollar ETC procurement, one of the largest currently being conclusions may surprise some readers. He reports that the constituent technologies are mature and no longer represent the challenges (or risks) that they once did. Systems integration, he points out, remains a key issue - although, as he describes in the following article, the biggest hurdles to be addressed may be non-technological, such as those relating to institutioned, administrative and operational - such as back office - concerns.
ISSN : 0041-0683 CODEN : TENCA4
Traffic engineering & control A. 2000, vol. 41, n° 10, pp. 416-420 [4 pages]
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