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Properties of Mozzarella cheese analogue made from buffalo and cow caseins
The suitability of type and form of casein to be used as a protein source in the manufacture of Mozzarella cheese analogue (MCA) was studied. The analogues made using dry and wet (pressed) casein were alike in majority of the aspects of their composition, texture profile, organoleptic and baking qualities including pizza-related characteristics. However, the one made from wet casein showed better fat incorporation and had significantly lower ash and calcium but significantly higher adhesiveness than dry casein analogue. The shredability of dry casein analogue was superior. Dry casein analogue was preferred over wet casein analogue since the latter had greenish tinge, was gluey and melted unevenly on pizza. The cow casein analogue had significantly higher moisture-in-fat-free substances, texture profile analysis cohesiveness and adhesiveness, body-texture and total score as well as superior rating for appearance on pizza, but had significantly lower melt time and stringiness than those of buffalo casein analogue. Casein obtained from either cow or buffalo milk can be used for preparation of MCA. However, buffalo casein analogue has advantages of stringiness and free from glueyness when used on pizza.
Association of Food Scientists and Technologists
ISSN : 0022-1155 CODEN : JFSTAB
Journal of food science and technology (Mysore) A. 2002, vol. 39, n° 6, pp. 629-634 [6 pages] [bibl. : 23 ref.]
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