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Numerical simulations of the orbits of the Galilean satellites
MUSOTTO Susanna ; VARADI Ferenc ; MOORE William ; ...
Long-term numerical simulations of the orbits of the Galilean satellites are carried out using a realistic physical model. The free libration of the Laplace angle, which plays a central role in the classical description of the tidal evolution of the Laplace resonance, is isolated from the simulated orbits. The amplitude and the period of the libration agree well with the values obtained by J. Lieske. In addition, we point out that tidal dissipation models need to take into account the large variations in Io's eccentricity due to Jupiter's oblateness.
ISSN : 0019-1035 CODEN : ICRSA5
Icarus (New York, N.Y. 1962) Y. 2002, vol. 159, No. 2, pages 500-504 [5 pages]
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