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Laboratory scaledown of protein purification processes involving fractional precipitation and centrifugal recovery
The ability to predict the performance of large-scale processes is central to the rapid development of successful operations at the pilot and industrial scale. In this article, we examine the operation, at laboratory scale, of precipitation reactors and centrifuges for protein precipitate recovery and dewatering and how they might best mimic large-scale reactors and centrifuges, in this case, a pilot-scale batch stirred-tank reactor and a multichamber-bowl centrifuge. Novel approaches to bench-top centrifuge operation are provided, in particular with a view to delivery of material for subsequent high-resolution purification, which would be obtained at full pilot scale. Results are presented in terms of properties of the protein precipitates, the fraction of solids recovered, and the extent of dewatering achieved. Good agreement was obtained at bench scale (a 1000-fold scale down factor) for all of these parameters for pilot-scale, batch-feed operation. In addition, the methodology developed allows identification of the extent of break-up that occurs in continuous-feed centrifuges when processing shear-sensitive materials such as the protein precipitates studied here.
PMID : 10820325 ISSN : 0006-3592 CODEN : BIBIAU
Biotechnology and bioengineering A. 2000, vol. 69, n° 1, pp. 1-10 [bibl. : 30 ref.]
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