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Der Tod und das Mädchen : Dramatic expression of the gothic subculture in school instruction
Der Tod und das Mädchen : Expression dramatique de la subculture gothique dans l'instruction scolaire
KURZ Tamara ; BAUMANN Max Peter (Editeur scientifique) ; FUJIE Linda (Editeur scientifique) ; ...
Within the youth subculture of gothic, elements of occultism, the romantic transfiguration of the Middle Ages and a preference for the morbid and fantastic horror stories are mixed together into a fascinating blend. The predominant color is black, as the expression of a melancholic and gloomy feeling towards life. In gothic music as well, gloom is represented through a mixture of styles, including gothic metal, medieval music and Celtic music. In a school in Germany, the A. developed a major theatrical project that dealt with a circle of themes revolving around death, expulsion and destruction. Selected as the means for expression were poems and modern dance.
Heinrichshofen's Verlag; Heinrichshofen's Verlag; Heinrichshofen's Verlag
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Conférence : Conference "Gothic, metal, rap and rave: youth subcultures and their cultural-pedagogical possibilities", Bamberg, DEU, 1999-10-15
ISSN : 0043-8774
World of music (Wilhelmshaven) A. 2000, vol. 42, n° 1, pp. 137-147 [bibl. : 2 ref.]
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