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Developing an emotional awareness programme for pupils with moderate learning difficulties at Durants School
LEE Frances ; WRIGHT Jonathan
Emotional awareness programmes and initiatives in education have a high profile. Training courses in emotional literacy and emotional literacy projects are being promoted nationwide. However, whilst many successful projects and programmes have taken place in the context of mainstream school settings, by comparison relatively fewer projects have been reported in special school settings. A seven-week emotional awareness project was designed for seven pupils in a Year 8 form group (12-13 years of age) who were presenting with emotional and emotional/behavioural difficulties in Durants School, which caters for pupils with moderate learning difficulties. The project drew upon principles of circle time and placed emphasis on multisensory activities and role play. The purpose of the project was to identify whether an emotional awareness programme would lead to an increase in the pupils' awareness and understanding of their own emotions, and whether an awareness of other people's feelings/emotions could be integrated as a core module of the school's personal, social and health education curriculum. This project illustrates that an emotional awareness programme can be adapted creatively for pupils with special educational and learning needs without involving expensive resources, and can give pupils life skills that can be applied both in and out of the classroom.
Taylor & Francis
ISSN : 1363-2752
Emotional and behavioural difficulties A. 2001, vol. 6, n° 3, pp. 186-199 [bibl. : 5 ref.]
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