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On factorization of M-channel paraunitary filterbanks
XIQI GAO ; NGUYEN Truong Q. ; STRANG Gilbert
We systematically investigate the factorization of causal finite impulse response (FIR) paraunitary filterbanks with given filter length. Based on the singular value decomposition of the coefficient matrices of the polyphase representation, a fundamental order-one factorization form is first proposed for general paraunitary systems. Then, we develop a new structure for the design and implementation of paraunitary system based on the decomposition of Hermitian unitary matrices. Within this framework, the linear-phase filterbank and pairwise mirror-image symmetry filterbank are revisited. Their structures are special cases of the proposed general structures. Compared with the existing structures, more efficient ones that only use approximately half the number of free parameters are derived. The proposed structures are complete and minimal. Although the factorization theory with or without constraints is discussed in the framework of M-channel filterbanks, the results can be applied to wavelets and multiwavelet systems and could serve as a general theory for paraunitary systems.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IEEE transactions on signal processing A. 2001, vol. 49, n° 7, pp. 1433-1446 [bibl. : 32 ref.]
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